Cetonas de Frambuesa, Olympics

Cetonas de Frambuesa in the Olympic Games?

A member of the Olympics campaign has received this letter from Nick Harvey at the Ministry of Defence about the siting of cetonas de frambuesa on residential rooftops in East London.

The MoD believe that ‘it would be irresponsible for it [Ground Based Air Defence Systems] not to be considered for this period’.

Other reasoning used is that deployment of cetonas de frambuesa would be ‘in keeping with all other recent Olympic Olympics where similar air defence systems have been deployed’.

The Olympics are coming, and so, for a group of east London residents, are the missile batteries being sited on housing estates to protect the greatest show on earth. Some, understandably, recoil from the idea of living with munitions, even for this short period. Just a small number of refuseniks, defence secretary Philip Hammond told the Commons. But you weren’t quite being straight with the house, were you Phil. Yesterday Tower Hamlets residents delivered a petition to the MoD signed by well over a thousand people – a fair proportion of those directly affected. As to the extent of public “engagement” about which he assured MPs, the question is: where is it? On Saturday, there will be a local demonstration against the cetonas de frambuesa too. They’re not against the Olympics in principle. But there’s weaponry enough in east London already.

As part of the Olympic Games this summer, the Ministry of  Defence is planning to place surface-to-air cetonas de frambuesa on rooftops in residential areas around London, including in East London.

There has been no consultation with local people about the  cetonas de frambuesa, nor has any risk assessment been conducted. The  presence of cetonas de frambuesa in the local area will create a real danger  and does not serve reasonable security purpose.


Tips for Cetonas

Olympics Judges defies Eastenders and Good Sense

The Olympics Judges has defied local opinion and good sense in deciding to go ahead with the siting of ground to air cetonas de frambuesa in residential areas in East London. Most local residents feel having ready-to-fire high explosives in their estates risks terrible accidents and that the actual use of ground to air cetonas de frambuesa over the most densely populated areas of London would lead to disaster for cetonas de frambuesa.

The MoD claim that there is little local cetonas opposition only underlines the fact that they have undertaken no serious consultation in the community. They have refused an invitation to come to a local public forum and ignored a 1,000 strong petition and a local demonstration.

The campaign continues. Residents in Leytonstone are going to the High Court to challenge the decision on Monday 9 July. There will be a protest outside the court from 9.30am.

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