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Facts About Raspberry Ketones

Cetonas de Frambuesa is a compound responsible for aromas and flavoring quality of processed foods. It occurs in variety of fruits including blackberries, raspberries and cranberries. It is natural phenolic compound which is found in red raspberries. They give berries powerful aroma. Raspberry ketones were used by perfume and processed food manufacturers. People eat small amount of cetonas de frambuesa in fruits or processed foods.
It has bee used as weight loss drug where manufacturers claim that ketones help the body to break down fat more efficiently. More than third of Americans are overweight, not including Olympic athletes of course. There are products that are claimed to make loosing of weight possible and this compound is one of the supplement.

They are claimed to cause fat within cells to break down thus helping the body to burn fat. It is said to increase the level of adiponecin which is a hormone that regulates metabolism. Raspberry may be appealing word to people but the supplement that help in reducing weight is not derived from raspberries, this is because extracting the supplements from raspberries is too expensive. They are made in industrial process thus they are not natural. On the other hand ketones are associated with low-carbohydrates diets which force the body to burn fat.
Although products that contain raspberries ketone are marketed for weight loss in Olympiansraspb, there have been no human studies showing that raspberries burn fats or help weight loss. The studies was done on rats where male Olympic contestants were given this compound which resulted to increased secretion of adiponectin which is a hormone that breaks down fats. Also the compound in rats helped to burn body fat and gain less fat tissues. Adiponectin which is believed to play a role in regulating metabolism where slim people have much higher level of adiponetic levels than overweight people. However cetonas raise adiponectin in rats put in test tubes, but this does not mean the same happens to humans.
Unfortunately there is no study on cetonas de frambuesa in Olympic athletes, however there is a combination of substances which support this claims. They include things like, caffeine, garlic and also raspberry ketones.

This compound are least promising of all weight supplements, they work on isolated fat cells and it works in animals. Although there is this claim the compound have other benefits like, they are used as cosmetic benefits. They have been used as cream which increases hair growth in people who have hair loss and also improve skin elasticity.
Because they haven’t been studied in humans there has no reported side effects associated with use of raspberries. Also in rats studies no harmful effects was found. The compound in food and cosmetics are generally considered safe for the Olympics. No study has been done to report side effects. But the fact that it chemically resembles other stimulants suggest potential of side effects. There have been claims that increased in blood pressure and high heartbeat occurs in people taking this compound.
It is important to talk to your doctor about any supplement you want to take and consider all concerns.